How to control user from selecting a certain company


I really need your help regarding controlling user selecting from choosing a specific company. Lets say we have 2 companies (A & B), company A pays transaction of company B (Intercompany Transaction). I want to know if it is possible to setup user permission to a user to access both company but user cant select company A from the status bar? I tried doing it using the domain setup but user can still select company A from the status bar.The setup should be company A transaction should not access or viewed by company B. We have a problem in our reports that is show incomplete data since user dont have access to company A. To make the story short, user X have access to both company (A & B) but user X cant select company A from the list of company. Thanks!!


Only restrict access through security matrix and record level security.

If AX2009, don’t give them access to Administration > Open domain access or Administration > Tables > Company data.

To restrict access of a user to a company account is
the following:

  1. Go to “Administration → Setup → Domains” and create a new domain. On
    the tab folder “Company accounts” select the company account you want to
    grant access.

  2. Open “User groups”. Create a new group. Click on “Permissions”. On the
    right pane select the Domain you have previously created. Click on the tab
    folder “Permissions” and the permissions management structure is loaded.

  3. Set the desired access rights.

  4. Add the user(s) to the user group.

Did you try these steps?

Hi Khalid,

I already applied your suggestion to our server and it is working, but the other company is still visible in the list. Like what you suggested, I created another domain and apply a security, I set all tables to viewing only to all module (AP, AR and etc) in the security permission (since I don’t know the exact tables defined in the custom report [:(]) .The only problem that I have right now is that in the company list it should only see 1 company which is the default company of the user, but once user select the restricted company in the list AXAPTA shows “No module selected” and user need to close AXAPTA to revert back to his/her default company, I think this is just a minor problem, i just need to tell the end user not to select the restricted company.


Hi Ron,

Are you looking for a Domains in user security. Domains are simply groups of companies; when a user is assigned permissions within a domain, they can access the particular permission in all companies within that domain. If a user does not have any permissions within a company, they will not able to see the company in the dropdown list.

You can read more on domains here:

hope this will help you. tq.