How to consume item from Inventory

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As we are using NAV 4.0 native DB, We want to know how we can clear the consumable item from the Inventory without making a negative entry.

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You say you have an item registered in your inventory. Now you want to clear this item from your inventory. But you don’t want to make a negative entry.


You need to process any item out of the system, and therefore it will be a negative entry, you cannot magic it away.

You could post a BOM Journal to consume line items, or a production order with flushing set correctly, but ultimately if you book it in you need to tell the system you have used it somehow.

Explain what you are trying to achieve and what your problem really is and you may get a better answer, but assuming you are referring to the consumables you use on the shop floor, or within a BOM, start with teh business process for drawing the stock, or even, why they go into stock in the first place.

When making a consuming using an item using a journal you must be careful according to your local law. For example in Portugal we have several king of consumption and we made change inventory posting groups.

You cannot.

To do so would violate the integrity of the system.

Why do you want to consume items; for production, to correct a mistake?

Hi Rajesh,

Only 3 ways to do this.

Without Customization:

  1. Keep your Item ticked with Inventory Cost = 0, ( You will need to find this field out on the item card, It is hidden.). Here, You will still have to do the negative adjustment to reduce the Inventory.

  2. Do your purchases on a G/L account, No Inventory creates, No need to do an adjustment. You will have to giev description on each and every purchase Order / Invoice. No MIS will be possible ( Unless you create good amount of G/L accounts).

WIth Customization:

  1. Additional negative adjsutment posted automatically when you recieve the item .

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An addition for others who have replied ealier:

Rajesh here is talking about Consumable Items ( Like stationary, Pens, Production consumables like Cotton waste to clean hands, Soaps etcc…): Our Indian managements always try to keep the staff occupied in keeping track of each and every thing.[H]

Normally, we try to suggest clients not to create Item codes for such items and only keep the track by way of G/L purchase and invoicing. But it is difficult making all clients to agree to this. Hence such requirements do arise which we have to fuffill.

Still, We actually have had to do customizations to post autoamtic negative adjustments for such items upon receipt( identified by Category or product group etc.) after long discussions and failing to convince clients.

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The method I adopt is to customize and add a field to Inventory posting group table with a boolean field and when user select the inventory posting group on item the field “Inventory Value zero” is set to TRUE otherwise you need to post negative adjustment.