How to connect to Navision native database in ASP.NET?

How to use the C/ODBC driver to connect the Navision from ASP.NET

This has been discussed here a bazillion of times - please SEARCH on C/ODBC or NODBC…

In short - if you are familiar with connecting from a .NET program to ODBC sources, there is nothing different with Native Navision DB, only keep in mind that ODBC driver must match tne Navision version (including appropriate SPs, if they exist for that version).

Drivers can be found on Navision installation CD/DVD or here in Downloads section.

could u give me the clear idea of possiblites to overcome the Errors

What do exactly you mean by:

You can do whatewer you need to, but keep in mind general rules:

  1. SELECT is allowed - use it freely as you need to.

  2. INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE - only in your tables / intermediate tables and NEVER to Ledger and other tables directly, bypassing Navision logic.

If you need to import some data, it must be done through intermediate tables, and Navision code (kind of Batch Job) must be written to read these intermediate tables and fill in some Journal, which is then posted in norman Navision way. OR, if you know what your’e doing, import to Journal Tables, skipping intermediate ones.