How to connect to navision from powerbuilder

I need to connect to Navision database from powerbuilder to create more report. I have download the CODBC but failed to connect and giving error. I don’t know which one that has failed either power builder or the CODBC…

Please help

The Navision DB and CODBC versions must match - if they don’t, you’ll not be able to connect.

Check the installation CD, there should be the CODBC driver on it - if you downloaded it from somewhere, you could easily get a non- matching one.

a follow-up to what I already wrote - I don’t recall now by heart with which version it was, IMHO v4, but newer versions of the driver is named NODBC, not CODBC.

Thanks for the respond. I am still using the NAV 2009 R2, but using demo database.

The system is not yet install in the PC, still in progress for modification by the vendor.

Is it possible to connect to DB demo and open in in SQL Server or other third party such as Power Builder?

Thanks in advance…

The CODBC / NODBC drivers are for Navision native database. If you use MSSQL DB, there are no problems at all to use whatever you prefer to connect to MSSQL databases.

If you are exploring Demo while awaiting for your production environment to be ready, you can easily install SQL version on a single workstation, including all tiers to run RTC, not only the Classic client. The inst disk contains MSSQL Express (which is free) and you do not need to install it separately. Such environment will fit for your “experiments”, for that purpose you don’t need high-end monsterservers :slight_smile:

As I mentioned earlier that later on I will need to connect to Navision database from other party, in this case power builder.

For the time being, i am using navision demo database. Would it be possible to access/connect to the database from power builder or from sql server 2008?

Sorry for the confusion… I am totally new with sql server and Navision…