How to connect different form when I click on "go to origin" button from my notification window.


I want one of the user groups to go different form when they click on “go to origin” button from their notification window.


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AX normally looks for a display menu item with the same name as the referenced table. Nevertheless if it has a value in FormRef property, this value is used instead. Obviously it can’t be set differently for a different users.

Your could override jumpRef() method on forms, but if you would have to do it in all places where the key field is used, which may be a problem. I would try to avoid that if I was you.

What I would recommend is to implement the menu item to point to a class instead of any form. You can then implement any form-selection logic there. Don’t forget to pass the Args instance to the forms.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking something simple. this looks somehting messing up with the code.
would you provide me some simple steps to achieve the above task.

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