How to connect Ax2009 with Oracle 10g Express Editon

I tried to install AOS server in My Computer.

When I installed with Sqlserver it installed fine

now i tried to install with Oracle Database it shows me an error

What is the problem with this error ?

Any one having the idea ?

Is it possible to configure Ax2009 with Oracle 10g Express edition ?

Any one having idea ?

It should be possible yes. And you can’t just install the database the same as you would a SQL database. There are more steps required. Please use the install guide located here starting on page 30.

Hi Alex,

i think all the process with Oracle 10g “Enterprise Edition”…

But i am asking about “Express Edition”

is it possible…


You can’t ,only “Oracle Database 10g R2, Enterprise and Standard” supported



Hi Ram,

Thanks for your reply…