How to configure vendgroup into account structure?

Hi all,

Anybody know, how to set vendgroup into account structure?

Hi Eity,

Path for configuring the Vendor group to Account Structure.

General Ledger >> Setup >> Chart Of Accounts >> Configure Account Structure >> Account Structure form opens Select the Desired Account Structure and click on edit, Click on Add Segment a drop down opens from the list select vendor Group …

If in case you don’t find click on Add Segment, select New financial Dimension a new form opens, from the Use value form select Vendor groups…

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hi ashwin, thanks for your reply,

i have follow your step, just know i created new records and i also try posting. after run the error become like this :: “User does not have access to the journal as it is restricted to user group SyncAdmin” and also :: “Number sequence 0 does not exist.” it happen while creating invoice journal.

may i know, what the meaning of that error?

User does not have access to the journal as it is restricted to user group SyncAdmin" and also :: for this

Go to Setups in general ledger module >>> Journals >> Journal Names >>> select the journal name against which your getting error under blocking filed de-select the group and close the form.

Number Sequence 0 does not exist :- for this

Got to Organisation Administration >> Number Sequence >> in the Area Filed select Address Book and in the reference field select Party ID. click on Edit and check Continuous check box and change the next number. As well click on Status List option to check if any number sequence is filled in the form, if you find any select it and delete it. if not close the form and try to create Invoice Journal again.

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Hi Ashwin,

Thanks for your reply… I change the private blocking field → ‘sync’ i make the field empty, in journal name form…
just now i can do the posting…

thank u very3 much :slight_smile: