How to configure Straight Line Method in Ax 2012


I am using Ax 2012 Feature Pack , I want to change the Depreciation Profile to Straight line Method.


a)The depreciation method should be straight line method, e.g for item line L & B/BG/LA/001(Land & Buliding) with NBV of Rs:150,003.20/- and had a useful life of 120 months and the remaining month left is 80 months ,should have a monthly depreciation of Rs:1,875.04./-

Please guide me how to change my Depreciation method From Reducing Balance Method to Straight Line Method.

Thank you in advance.



Go to Fixed Assets module

Fixed Assets \ Setup \ Depreciation \ Depreciation Profiles

Create New Profile name it as StraightLine

in General area

choose method as : straight line service life

In the Assets select the depreciation profile as straight line

Thank you,