How to configure Client

Dear all,

I want to create a environment,

I have installed Server 2003, SQL 2008, Active Directory & MS NAV R2, and created on Domain & its running on server Perfectly.

Now i wanted to Know how to connect Client computer to the server I have installed only Client on One PC and it is connected to the Domain successfully, but when i try to connect i am getting server not found error. Do i have to edit Config file in the Client PC ? if Yes please help me.

Do you have Server 2003 and SQL 2008 on same system?

If yes, try by connection with classic first…

Add the same server name and database name in customsettings file and try…

Thank you very much for your Quick Reply. I will try now :slight_smile:

Hi Syed,

If you still need help on configuring the RTC client you might want to take a look at this MSDN Article:

Pretty well explained,