How to communicate with UDP-signals

Hi folks, For a warehouse system we must communicate with a kind of “black blox” (sends signal to different machines/RF systems). This blackbox sends and receives standard strings on a network on a specific port (UDP or TCP). I want to send and receive signals via a Navison client, because this signals result in a lot of database modifications. Working with a Navision client gives me the advantage that I don’t have to rewrite all the business rules (triggers, …). I known I can use CFront for a job like this, but I’m not so happy with this solution, so … Has anybody an idea with (external) component I can use for this communication in a Navision client ? Anyone experience with this ? Thanks in advance ? Nico

It remembers me something we made in the NSC i was in Spain, but that was using the COM port… basically what it was to do was to control certain machines that were sending information also to Navision and asking for a certain response. Way of working on that system: timer on a navision session checking if there was a message call on that port and if receiving any message sending the proper answer. It seems that that scheme could work on you, having the timer calling a function for checing if a connection to the server port has been made. If there’s a connection → create a new stream on a new socket between client & Server and free the server port. With the new stream process the message. Something like that should work… you can find a lot of tcp/ip multiclient servers code on internet and make your own ocx component you can use on Navision for that purpose. Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

Alfonso, Working with the com port is not so difficult, I have done it a few times but working with UDP is a little bit more : With the com-port you have only one client that sending information, with UDP the information can come from different clients, so I must answer to the right client, and the speed must be very fast. The client must give answer to 20 RF- terminals and 5 machines. Client wants a respons in time of milli seconds, not seconds. Do you known a very popular (and stable) multiclient server ? Thanks for your input Nico

Couple years ago I have made replicator with own TCP protocol. I have tried a lot of solutions. The best solution was TCP aplication with CFront. The bigest advantage is that you can use C++. C/AL is useless then talking about data streems. Data conversion in C/AL is terrible thing, it good for work with databases, but not for low level data. In your task, I would like recomend: 1. Wirte UDP communication apllication with CFront interface. Using CFront push data to Navision temp table. 2. Write Code in Navision that checks all temp tables and runs posting. another solutions: 1. Use OCX or Automation. It can be used for UDP data checking from Navision. Navision finds UDP data over OCX and run posting. It can be to slow and you can get time out. 2. Teoricaly you can use NAS. I have never used it. But you can try make allpication that calls NAS. Sometimes is good thing to think what you can change in work for meking your life easier. If this is for Warehouse, you can do: 1. Send all data from RF to tables, that is transfer order, over CFront. 2. Store-keeper posting transfer order and printing load list over Navision interface.

Nico, I was wondering if you have any news about your progress… we have also come across this kind of requirement to read and send via UDP signals (cash teller system) and would apreciate a lot if you could share you latest experiences. Thanks. Nils

I you are not afraid to code in c++ builder or delfi from Borland, I can recommend the freeware ICS component made by Francois Piette. You can find it at Regards

Hi I don’t know if this could help you or not. But I’ve found some code on section). To be more precise, just follow this search link: Or try to search the site yourself. They have tons of source code. Not just on UDP, but lot of cool stuff. Regards Michael