how to clear picture ?

I’ve used the following code in a report to get company details for a letterhead. Unfortunately, where there isn’t a logo on file, I just get the preceding one. So when a letter for a company with no logo is required, the preceding company’s logo is left lying around and is incorrectly used. I’ve two report sections, which either print the logo, or the name, on the basis of Picture.HASVALUE Can anyone suggest please the right way to clear the unwanted previous picture ? IF NOT CompanyContact.GET(“Company No.”) THEN BEGIN CompanyContact.RESET; CompanyContact.INIT; IF Customer.GET(“Company No.”) THEN BEGIN CompanyContact.“Home Page” := Customer.“Home Page”; CompanyContact.“E-Mail” := Customer.“E-Mail”; CompanyContact.“Phone No.” := Customer.“Phone No.”; CompanyContact.Name := Customer.Name; END; END; // appears to not work well - missing pictures just print preceding. CompanyContact.CALCFIELDS(Picture);

You can use CLEAR(CompanyContact.Picture); to clear it out or CLEAR(CompanyContact); instead of CompanyContact.RESET;

That did it Great - many thanks.