How to clear bank transactions (AX2012 - advanced bank reconciliation)


We are using advanced bank reconciliation. Question is how to clear debit / credit transactions from our books.

Scenario: payment and reversal posted in AX, non of this transactions never ‘touched’ bank and therefore are not in BAI file. During bank reconciliation we need to match this debit and credit (in our books) so we can ‘wash them away’

Problem: if we try to match them in advanced bank reconciliation, in ‘Open bank documents’ pane and click ‘Match’ system doesn’t allow me to do that. We have workaound to match these debit/credit with some other bank reconcilaition items and that way clear them, but I think this is not the best way of doing it.

Question: how to ‘wash away’ payment and reversal in our books through advanced bank reconciliation functionality.