how to check if fields have been changed?

hi My question is: I have about 40 fields on a form and I want to modify the write method. If the user has not changed anything I will leave that method and return a message. How to check in a simple way if the user has changed anything? I don’t want to use ‘modified’ method on each field to check if something has changed. Slawek

Hi I think you can use the “validateField” method.

hi it wasn’t my point to use other method instead od ‘modified’. If I use ‘validatefield’ I will have to write it for all of my 40 fields as well. I was rather thinking about a shorter way like this: if (“some of the fields were changed”) do_action else message_to_user; and my problem is: how to build this expression: “some of the fields were changed” Slawek

Hi,Slawek Pindel It is eary!! you can do like the following, I use inventtable as a sample. if (InventTable.orig().itemID<>Inventtable.itemID) //this mean the itemid has been modified!!! do_action else message_to_user; wish these codes can help you.