How to check customer record already exist in NAV ?

Hi expert ,

I have been successfully added customer using WebService.Now i want to check customer in NAV after that update these customer . I have used following code

For added :

Customer oNavServiceCustomer = new Customer();

Customer_Binding oNavServiceCustomerBinding == new Customer_Binding();

oNavServiceCustomerBinding.UseDefaultCredentials = true;

oNavServiceCustomer.No = “C1” ;

oNavServiceCustomer.Name = “Surajit Kundu”;

oNavServiceCustomerBinding.Create(ref oNavServiceCustomer);

For updated : before update i want to check it in NAV for that i used below code

if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty( oNavServiceCustomerBinding.GetRecIdFromKey(oNavServiceCustomer.No) ) )

its return a error message ‘Key “C1” is not well formed!’

why this error is reurn ?

Please give me any suggestion how to check customer in NAV?



IF you are using Navision Customer Table then it should check existing customer on the basis of Customer No.

In Web service it executes the codes of Table & Codeunits.

Hi Amol,

I have used NAV customer service in .Net project .I want to update customer using this service but before that i want to check this customer in NAV in .NET .

How can i able to check customer avaibility in NAV using .NET.



Hi all,

i have done.



Please Guid me how u have done coz i m getting error Key is not in well formed…



How did you resolve “Key is NOT well formed” issue?