How to change warehouse wise item number


If item number 1 is in the [A] warehouse and i transferred it in [B] warehouse , how it will come here as item number 2.

how the item number 2 will automatically generate. I am working on the AX 4.0.

There is no such functionality in AX, i am curious to know why do you want it happen.

The item remains same even after transfer.

if there is a different kind of process is going to happened with one item in different warehouses with different BOM to create one finish good item, then we should have to change item number for different - different warehouse. for that purpose i want to know how that item number is going to change.

The process applied to the item does not change the item BEFORE the process - it is still the same item number being consumed, the value add transformation through production changes it into a new item - not the transfer of the item to another location.

Thank you