how to change user password

hai all

as an administrator, how to change user password who forgot their password?

should we change it from sql server? or directly through navision?

thanx for the answer…

If you mean database Log ins, you must change the password in Navision.

yes you right mr David

tools → database login → Password

I could change password only for user whom login

my question is, if I login using user name : a (as administrator)

I want to change password for user b (staff)

Please notice that you cannot change password here if your users are AD (active directory) users. That means if the users don’t have to log in manually into Navision, but automatically are using their PC/Network login user name. Which is the method I would recommend due the larger security (security policies for passwords) compared to DB users where you have no security policies, and due the easier adminstration.

If your users are AD users then they change their password when they login into their PC/Network after reboot etc.

I actually just see that I actually didn’t answer the full question. How does the administrator change the password for another user.

Well for database users (SQL), you must log in to the SQL Server database using SQL Enterprise Manager (or SQL Server Management Studio if SQL 2005). Here you can change it in the security area. If the users are AD users, then you must log in to the User Administration of the AD and change it from here.

ok thanks…

by the way, so we couldn’t change it from navision?

simply put,

if you have native navision database, an administrator can change other users password from Tools-Security-Database Logins.

if you have sql database, you can change other users password from sql logins (usually thru enterprise manager security-logins).