how to change unit in Purchase requisition(AX 2009)

Dear all,
In purchase requisition when we are creating lines
after entering item, field unit becomes non editable.
Why it becomes non editable, where as in Sales order, Purchase orders it’s editable.

Could you please tell me the reason behind it goes non editable and how can we allow user to change the unit in purchase requisition.


Hi Krishna,

Access to this field is under conditions in method setFieldAccess on the form PurchReqTable. So check if condition is true or if you have not some customization there.

I hope it will help little bit.


Thanks Daniel,

i already studied the piece of code .

field Unit --editable for non catalog items

–non editable for non catalog items

how can i create item of non catalog type.

basically i was a developer, i’m not much familiar with the business process in Axapta particularly settings…

could you please tell me how can i create item of non catalog type so that user can allowable to choose the unit.

Hi Krishna,

All items from inventTable are catalogtype in purchReq, so in standard you can modify UnitID just for lines which is type - category.

For this you have to create category (InventproductGroup - in AX menu you will find it in AP-Setup-PurchCatalog).

I think faster way is to allow changes by method setFieldAccess for not yet submitted requsitions or lines in “Draft” status for example.

Just be carrefull about impact to customizations in your AX. (In our AX we allow changes for more fields in open PurchReqLine).

Try it on your Test first:)


Thanks Daniel.

I will try