How to change the len of a table field

Hello, I’m new in this forum and Navisión Too. My name is Antonio, from Spain (Europe), so my native language is Spanish.

I’m trying to start using Navision 4.0 SP1 in RelationShip Managment Area, and the first problem is the lenght of the Field ‘Name’ in table ‘Contacts’. Is really short, so I decided to change from 30 to 80.

My question is: Will I need to modify every Report, form, codeuint… afected by this change? is there another way?

exists any tool to look for this field in Navision? what will happen with with my changes after the install of the next service pack of Navision?

Don´t Know if this questions are suitable for this forum but I expect for.

I have a contact with 5 businness centers, all of them under the same VAT Code. Should I use Alternative Directions or one diferent contact for each one?


Yes, you will have to change every field in every table that gets value from that field. You have some helpfull tools for that (developer toolkit) but, in generally, it’s not advisable to make such a change. Users usually make an additional field and that ensure that this field is propagated to all other relevant tables.

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First of all it is not recommended to change the Length of the Name field in this table contact(5050).

There is one more field Name2 in the same table Conatct which you can use to enter the long name only thing is that you have to display it on the the Contact card using Form designer

You can use Navision Developer Toolkit for this type of work if required .



Dear Antonio,

Ashish is absolutely right that it is not recomended in Navision to change the length of Name field as this results in overflow errors. You may use name2 field, But to Print whole Name on the Reports you have to Concatenate both Name fields on every Report, which are using the Contact Name. If you still find that field length is not sufficient, you may add one more field naming “Print Name” having data type “Text” with ur required length (assume 100) in the Contact table. Then you have to show “Print Name” on the Contact Form and instead of typing in Name & Name2 fields, you may write full Name of Contact in this field and may use in the Reports, you required.


Navision contact mgnt is very special and things to remember.

The “No.” field should never be increased.

The Name field has coding in the background that doese a lot of wonderful thing.
Consider this while adding a new field. I’m not suggesting that its wrong, go for the new field.

But remember that the Name actually performs this plus a whole lot more.

Name → Customer Card Name or Vendor (And or Contact field in the those cards).

Name → First and Middle and Last and Surname. (Next to Name click the … dots.) Most people forgot about this cool feature.

Name → Search Name.

So take a little advise, add the field width 100 as someone stated, but remember that every report/screen may need to be updated to add the new field. I would ask the client which object they would like to see it.

By the way, if the NAME is the start of the new field. Add coding to populate the NAME → NEWFIELD, this way they just need to click on the new field press F2 F2 to add the rest of the name.

Good luck.

Antonio, wwlecome to Dynamics users. Definitely this is the place to ask this sort of quesiton, and I guess you can see from all the replies so far, that you definitely should not extend the field lengths.

I would recommend that you start a new thread in the Beginers Forum here or in the End User Question Forum Here to ask this. Other wise it will get overlooked as a part of the original CRM question.