How to change the ,(. key) on numkeypad back to .

If you use the . key on the numeric keypad in Navision, it will give you a , (in other windows application, it wil give you a classic . sign) Is there a possibility to change this in Navision ? To have the normal . on this . key of the numeric keypad ?? Thank in advance for your help ! Bruno Dumoulin

I think there no solution… [:(] We have items with numbers with the following format: 999.999.999. Because of the problem with the . on the numeric keypad in Navision, we modified the format of itemnumbers in Navision to 999,999,999. This way users can use the numeric keypad.

If I do remember correctly, this relates to the regional setting and the decimal seperator character, which gets mapped to this key. I don’t know if it’s a feasible solution for you, but you might change the decimal symbol to . and it works - of course this will reflect in all other applications aswell… Saludos Nils p.s. ok, I tried it and it works [;)]

Thanks Nils ! It works fine as wel But problem here in Belgium is that we use the comma (,) as decimal separator and if I change the reginal settings, the user is lost with this new setting … I think it would be parametrizable in Navision himself … But it is an possible alternate solution and it would be maybe better that I don’t ask this type of change th microsoft … Wel thanks again !

Can’t you just do a convertstr from , to . in the onvalidate of the item no.?


Can’t you just do a convertstr from , to . in the onvalidate of the item no.?
Originally posted by ajhvdb - 2005 Nov 03 : 23:58:42

That wouldn’t be handy when you want to search or place a filter. You would still have to switch between the numeric and normal keyboard… When you use commas in the itemnumbers like we do (999,999,999), you could consider to convertstr from , to . when its needed for communication to vendors or customers.

Yes, you’re correct about the filters. The only option is a keyboard remapper