How to change the item number in purchase order?

Hi there,

When I create the purchase line, If I select the item, I can still change the item number.

But the line was saved, item number is not editable.

What I’m asking is when can I change the item number?

(ex. before confirm, Only purchase line was creating…)


Hi Cavincho ,
I’m not sure with this…
If you add new line ItemId is Editable .You have to choose itemid before confirmation…
tell me what is ur problem exactly

Many thanks for quickly reply.

User want to change the item even though the PO was confirmed.
If the PO was not confirmed, was item editable?

Hi cavincho ,

I think It’s not possible .After the confirmation we cant edit the item.
let me tell u if any possibilities.

Before confirmtion, we can edit item but after confirmation, not recommended.

But You cancel the confirmed order…

First tell me your AX Version if you are using Ax2009 then there is property of PurchLine Table MaxAccesMode see that property

You cannot change the item once the line is saved. You may have to delete the line and create new one. If it is not allowing you to delete, then you may have to cancel the line.

you can delete the item number and then again insert a new line with the same item number or different one, and then again you need to confirm, let me know for any queries, cheers…!!