How to Change the Description that Posts to GL

The Description that posts to GL for a PO line is USELESS. [:(!] I want to change the posting routine to pick up the description from the Purchase Line. I have made several attempts at fixing Codeunit 90. I am close, but not quite there. The description on my last line posts for all lines, [:(] so my patch is in the wrong spot… Has anybody done this MOD? Any help would be appreciated. Jeff in Kirkland

The Description that posts to the GL actually comes from a field in the Purchase Header named “Posting Description”. You could manually change the description as required on the Purchase Header by adding this field from the field menu on the standard PO Screen. However,if you require a change or any specific format to be printed here, you could do the changes at the “Purchase Header Table” in a function called “initrecord”. The default values are “Document Type” and the “Document No.”. Hope that helps !!

Hello, You also need to bear in mind when choosing what to put in the Description field in G/L Entries, that the relationship between G/L Entries and Purchase Lines is not one-to-one, i.e. if you have item lines with the same posting groups Navision will be helpful and consolidate financial entries, so you cannot have a G/L Entry for each item, without making major changes, which means that you cannot stamp the item description in the field because it might be for more than one item. Hence this is why Navision has a global posting description taken from the header.

Thanks for your responses. I already knew about the Posting Description in the header. I did not realize that the product would consolodate lines… Not so sure I like that… Anyway, the client I am working on does not have inventory, fixed assets or job cost, so the only possible line type is Account G/L. The system should not consolidate these, so a one to one relationship should exist, making it possible to port the Purchase Line Description over to the GL Entry Description. As mentioned, the description from the LAST line pulls for all, so the assignment is not happening at the right time.

When I’m being asked to develop solutions sometimes I’m asked to change how an existing field works. In some cases I find it safer to add another field to handle the requested behaviour. So in your case you might consider adding a Line Description field to table 81 and 17 then adjust your posting routines in codeunit 90 and perhaps 11 and 12 to pass along this extra field. This way you don’t bump into the standard posting behaviour in case your client every purchases more granules. You can also then access this functionality from the sales side. Just glancing at C90 I see: GenJnlLine.Description := “Posting Description”; a little ways under: IF Invoice THEN BEGIN Did you change this description? It looks like the posting of the detail lines is getting a bunch in data from InvPostingBuffer… perhaps look around in there too. See what’s going in there and what’s coming out. Good luck! Django

Hi, We have added 2 new fields to table 49 “Invoice Post. Buffer” 1. “Posting Description” Text 50 2. LineNo. Integer The field LinieNr. is added to the Primarykey on table 49. In Codeunit 90 the folowing code is added: *********** IF PuchLinie.Type = PurchLinie.Type::“Account (G/L)” THEN BEGIN InvPostingBuffer[1].“Posting Description” := PurchLinie.Description"; InvPostingBuffer[1].“LiniNo.” := PurchLine.“Line No.”; InvPostingBuffer[1].“System-Created Entry” := FALSE; END ELSE BEGIN InvPostingBuffer[1].“System-Created Entry” := TRUE; InvPostingBuffer[1].“Posting Description” := “Posting Description”; END; *********** GenJnlLine.Description := InvPostingBuffer[1].“Posting Description”; ***********