how to change text of lookup object

hi all,

i have a lookup object in my form and i want to change text or value by click a button

my lookup object have many items , for example i want to find a way to select 2nd record that open list(combo box).

thanks .


for suppose you have a salesstatus enum as lookup by default u have open order in the enum field…

when u click the button …

write a code in the button to update the status as delivered… which is the next value

in that enum… by iterating the enum by code…

this is the code for iterating an enum…

static void EnumIteration(Args _args)
DictEnum DEnum;
int i;
DEnum = new DictEnum(enumName2Id(“salesstatus”));
for (i=0; i < DEnum.values(); i++)
print DEnum.index2Label(i);

if the lookup that you are observing is through EDT

fetch the next value from the table and update in the current field…