How to change return status from Created to Open

How do you change the return status from Created to Open so I can run collection notes?


Hi …

The return status will change to ‘open’ after posting the item arrival journal as a result of starting the arrival overview

So what do I do in this process…

-Return order is entered

-Collection note needs to be printed (cannot find this anywhere in AX)

I cant run a collection note/delivery note off once tghe product has been returned as the collection note needs to go with the driver when the product is getting collected

Hi …

When you create the return order, there is an option to send / print the return order (on the action pane tab - send). Can this not be used as the ‘returns note’ ?

It could but it will not let me print off collection notes at the same time I print delivery notes :\

Thanks though think im going to have to request development