How to change/rename Purchase Order Number after it is invoiced ?

Hello guys,

we have a requirement to change the Purchase order number (PurchId) for a invoiced PO. User have mistakenly created a new PO and deleted the PO in the middle. (Eg., PO1, PO2… PO3 [deleted],PO4,PO5 [new PO])

Now PO3 has been deleted. new PO (PO5) have been created. we need to replace PO3 instead of PO5.

Workaround done:

By using the standard functionality PO → Right click the PO header in the list page → Record Info → Rename. we tried this functionality in the test server. Few tables are not updated, and when we see in the Purchase Confirmation journal., the date are missing.

Looking forward for the reply.

What do you mean by that?

Do you have an example?

If renaming not updating all the tables, then you have to identify those tables and update them.

Sorry. its Typo error. its ‘Data’ not date. The renaming update is not done in few tables such as Purchase Confirmation journals. etc

Example: After renaming, the new purchase id have not been updated in the PurchLineHistory table and etc. Also, as the data not available in the PurchLineALLVersion View, the Purchase Confirmation Lines are not visible in the form.

If it is not updating, then you have to do it with code.

At the time of confirmation that was not the number of the purchase order, as this is a historical capture changing it would not be correct :slight_smile:

I have tried the rename for an invoiced order and it is updating all the journals and history (including the confirmation journal).

Thank you :slight_smile: Finally I have listed few tables for this and updated the same. Now the PO rename done correctly in all required tables as expected.