How to change NAV workdate into day/month/year formate now its in month/day/year

I’m Beginner for this Navision.I want to Change my workdate into day/month/year format.Is’t possible to Change our workdate into that format.If that please give your valueable suggestion.

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It should get your local readings, so it is how your workstation is setup, if you alter the regional format settings on the date does it change?

Hey AdamRaue,

I tried that also but not change its format…

Navision gets local settings from regional settings from Control Panel.
Can you tell your current format in control panel?

I presume you are not using Terminal Services or Citrix?

I presume you have the rights to alter your local date?

Hi Thiyagarajan,

Directly from Navision it is not possible to change the Workdate format. If you change your system date format,automatically Work date format will get it changed.

YOu can try with this. I hope this will solve your problem.

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Thanks alot for giving valuable suggestions.Finally my workdate format is changed[Y]




would like to add more point regarding workdate & time. By changing the format through “control panel – regional setting”, not only we can change the work date format but time format also can be changed. Time format can be changed to 12 hours format or 24 hours format like 15:30:20.

Go to Control panel in your system.CHange the format of date,etc. Then change to UK instead of USA date format,.