How to change label for a specific company

Hi All,

I want to ask you all if it is possible that if we want to do any customization for a particular company, it will show the new changes in that particular company only and not in all other companies present in that Ax .

As if I am changing for eg- packing slip label in the design of purch table form to the label “Retrieve” then it is showing the changed name to all other companies also but I don’t want that .

Please help as soon as possible.


Abhishek Bhati

Write a if/switch based on the requirement and assign the label dynamically while loading the form(propably in the init method).

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for replying.

Can you please elaborate your answer as I am not getting the way of doing so.Will be very thanakful 2 u.

Change the autodeclaration property of the control to Yes, to access that dynamically.

In the init(after super()) method have logic like this

if (curext() == ‘tst’)/// use swith if you want different labeks for different companies /// tst is the company
Inquiries.text(‘Test’); // Inquiries is the name of your control(which is button here)

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks a lot dear .U have solved my issue.I appreciate yours knowledge.

Thank You once again.

Abhishek Bhati