How to change item prices after quantity has been booked.


A customer of mine has posted a lot of item ledger entries. Unfortunately, they only posted the quantity, not the value.

As a result of that, when they try to run an Inventory Valuation List, the opening values are all € 0,-, even though they do have quantity in stock.

What do I have to do to make the opening values appear in the Inventory Valuation List, or is this simple impossible to do, because then you should have to change posted item entries?



Post a revaluation journal, or if no one has processed then reverse the transactions and book them in again at the correct cost. You state price in your post, I presume you mean cost. The revaluation journal will work if you bring it in and post it correctly, assuming you are running the standard valuation report with the correct dates, if not look in the general ledger and see what has happened.

Following from wha Adam said, they probably confused Price and Cost fields, that is quite common unforunately.

For sure Revaluation will fix this if done properly.

The answer is quite simple. Make sure that on your Item card the checkbox “Inventory Value Zero” is empty…

Pass revaluation entires using revaluation journal correct the cost. i hope u would be aware of financial impact of the same.