How to change inventrans transaction date


Can any one help how to change the inventtrans transaction date?

Please provide more details,

What is the source of inventTrans?

What is the status?

Why do you want to change it?

Thanks Kanthi,

User has wrongly posted double -ve quantity in sales packing slip. Due to this user not able to correct the wrong posted data.

that’s the reason would like to delete or cancel the double posted -ve quantity transaction.

Kindly advice how to rectify or delete transaction.


Plz check the below.


Thanks Krishna,

User has already 2 time posted -ve quantity in sales order and updated packing slip. Unfortunately now it is not allowing to make +ve quantity to post packing slip unless we have to make -ve values invoice posting.

Is there any solution for above scenario? Is there any work around solution to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

I tried to resolve -ve qty by settling to generate one more packing slip with +ve qty but below error fetching


Sales order : 0000XXX_050

Item number: XXXXXXXX

Quantity -XX cannot be returned because items have already been returned or marked as open transactions.

operation canceled

An error occurred during update


Is any procedure to delete the wrong posted packing slip ?

You cannot delete a posted traction, you can correct it with -ve line

Why you are doing this?

What is the status of inventory transactions related to the sales line?

Hi Kranthi,

User has by mistakenly reversed double -ve quantity.

in sales line its showing -ve qty in invoice reminder. As its mistake from user so we can not -ve invoice to customer.

Is any work around solution to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Can you tell us with an example may be with numbers and what is the status of inventory transaction?

Thanks Kranthi,

Please find below details.

Sales Order Header

Sales Order number | Customer Account | Invoice Account |

SOP001_080 | C0102 | C0102

Sales Order Line - Qty Tab details

Item number | Order Qty | Deliver Now | Invoiced | Invoice Reminder | Delivered | Deliver Reminder

ABC001 | 65 | | 8 | -1 | 7 | 58

My point is invoice reminder -1 should be deleted or remove from system.

Our users do it all the time on Purchase orders. We invoice the negative Invoice remainder and then invoice it back. Then go to the invoice account’s open transactions and mark the two to settle. Though, I would make note one the order somewhere what happened so in the future you know if it is questioned.