How to change default dimension for posted transactions

I am looking for explanation or x++ code samples that can change financial dimensions for posted transactions. I will feel grateful for any suggestion.

Could you be more specific, please? Which kind of transactions are you talking about?

I would like to do this for specified voucher or vouchers. I mean, user enters voucher as parameter, and system changes all transactions with specified voucher.

That sounds to me more like ledger dimensions, not default dimensions.

If “posted” means posted in general ledger, I don’t believe you should change such data. Post corrective transactions instead.

I spent almost 3 days, and I created some code. Now, that code is being tested. If everything will be ok, I will attache it as xpo.

Modification changes either defaultdimension or ledgerdimension (depends on table), throughout all connected by Voucher and Transdate tables.

Hi Piotr,

Did you manage to implement this, I have a similar requirement, I need to change values of some dimensions throughout the system in different transactions.

I am a developer and know how to extract existing dimension , and update with new values and save back from code, but I want to know if there is some place i would miss or any other risk.


Ali Sanan.

Hi Ali Sanan,

i also have the same issue…did you find the solution for your issue?

kindly do the needful.