How to change Data type

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Is there any option to cahnge the data type in the existing Fields?

I created a table with 4 fields,all are String fields.And i created a Form also by using this table.

Now i want to change the one Field in that table. i.e String to Enum.

is it possible?

Go to design table and change the data type of the field that u want

Hai ,

Thanks for reply are u saying regarding to Data base?

but am asking in AX.

i found in that in data base but,if i change the data type in data base there is no effect to data type in Ax .

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No idea about this issue?

I don’t think you can do that - You need to create a new field.

Create new field of Data Type - String and write an update statement - and push all the enum values into the string field

and now delete the enum field.


Thanks For reply.upto first line i unsterstood.But i didn’t get the remaining.

could u plz explain breafly

When you delete a field you will loss the data values in that field.

If you require the values - update the enum field values into our newly created string field and now delete the Enum field.