how to change base classes methods in ax: form control ??

i want to do a specific functionality on mouse down() of a control group. but i cant c form control class in ax

so, that i can implement. mouse down ,check some one help me.

You don’t need to change the base class. You need to override mouseDown() method of the control in your form.

Nevertheless using mouseDown() is quite unusual. What are you trying to achieve? Maybe AX has a better solution for your problem.

hello Martin,

i’m trying to open a browser window specific to the control group name. i have achieved it using formControl() method in syssetupFormRun class. since that functionality i had to get in all forms in ax.( i wrote in base class)

Now i’m trying to change the mouse pointer to hand symbol .depending on control type(Group).

public void mouseEnter(int _x, int _y, int _button, boolean _ctrl, boolean _shift)
int hCursor;

hCursor = WinAPI::loadStdCursor(#IDC_HAND);


Basically ,I cant go and write mouseEnter for each and every group for all forms in ax ryt!!.

I think the best advice is: don’t try to change the behavior of “each and every group for all forms in ax”.

What exactly do you mean by “to open a browser window specific to the control group name”?


on clicking any of the group control on form. it will fetch the url from table(a table having caption name and url ). depending on caption name of control group on form.

my doubt is can we change mouseEnter Method in formControl Class or Is there is any other solution for my Requirement.