How to capture digital signature in NAV?

How to capture digital signature in NAVISION? My customer wants to print signature of Salesperson/Purchaser in Order print out. To do that, I have created a BLOB field in Salesperson/Purchaser Table. Now I would like to know how to capture each Salesperson/Purchaser signature in to the table. Any help/advice are appreciable…

Be sure you are aware of any applicable PCI regulations in your region (or your clients) before proceeding. I don’t know if there are any in your region. Maybe others, more familiar, can comment. However, in many regions (especially here in the US), there can be serious penalties for mishandling what is commonly known as “personally identifiable information”.

Just an FYI.

Have them write their signature.
Scan it & create a BMP picture of it.
Import it into your blob field.

If this is a new custom blob, follow how item pictures work or company picture (logo) works to import into your blob.

On your report…
using the salesperson code from a sales order or purchase order use GET to the Salesperson/Purchaser table.
Calcfields your blob field. Show your picture.

How to display the imported signature in the report?

Take a look at the functionality and code on the ‘Company Information’ table and form objects. This may be a good starting point for your development on the Salesperson/Purchaser table and forms. Make sure your images are bitmaps. Once you have done all that, then all you have to do in the report is insert an image object and set the SourceExpr to the image listed in your table. I hope that helps you out!