How to cancel the Complete Sales Order

Hi, How to cancel the complete sales order(Not particular Line) in axapta ? and How to see the cancel sales order details history(i.e Lost sales)?

The option i can see is - making the delivery remainder to zero.

The order status will be changed to cancelled - by doing this for all the order lines.

You can apply a filter on the sales orders and can view only the cancelled sales orders…

Hi Kranthi,

Thank for ur Reply.I want separately know the cancel sales order history? I.e when ever i am deleted the sales order it will store in the AR–>Inquries–>history–>salesorder–>Deleted order.In the same away when ever i am cancel the sales order it will store separate form. i.e “Lost Sales Orders”.

There is no seperate form to view the cancelled sales orders…

Ok thank you Kranthi


is there any way of viewing changes made to order lines i.e. qty changes, price changes .in other words, does ax save the oroginal document/

If you print the confirmation you can read these in the inquiries. I would suggest turning on the database log, but I doubt that will easily give you what you want.