how to cancel received purchase order

Hello all

whats the correct method to return received purchase order, shall I create return purchase order or i have another way like cancel quantity?

then in case I want to create return order do I have to invoice the PO first or doesn’t matter .

any replay or help would be highly appreciated

If you are with AX2012, you have correction and cancellation function for your product receipts.

If you are on AX2009, you can put another line in your PO with negative quantity and do a packing slip update. Not necessary to Invoice the PO before your return.(Assume a case where you didn’t receive the Invoice from supplier yet but still you want to return)

Hi Santosh


it’s done :slight_smile:

Hi Mohammad,

Either you can create a return order if you want to trace the order later for a reference purpose or else simply go to Receive tab of the P.O → journals-> product receipt and then click on cancel.Again your status is changed to open order.

  • Krisheed