How to Cancel or Delete a invoiced PO in AX 2012?

Hi to everyone,

How to Cancel or Delete a invoiced PO in AX 2012? its urgent …I made some changes in AR parameters and i could delete Invoiced Sales Order, same i tried to AP parameters, I couldn find any,

plz help…

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The deletion only deletes the sales orders, not the transactions, they remain. Why do you need to delete the purchase invoice?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the reply.

One of the user mistakenly, posted a PO invoice, the amount in that PO is wrong, so they need to cancel or delete the PO.

Is there any way to cancel or void the PO ??



You would need to post a reversal for your PO Invoice.

  • Create another line in the same with -ve quantity and give the same prices then post the Invoice.

-Create another line with +ve quantity and specify the correct price and then invoice the PO

You can delete or cancel the invoice. Though, it will be registered to the system, it’s your choice to print it or not.

Hi Santosh & Brent,

I tried to put negative qty and amount and posted it. The qty has been deducted but the transaction is showing diff value…the amount I’ve mentioned was not deducted…it is showing some other value. y??

any idea santosh??



You need to post the invoice - value invoice so it will reduce the amount.

Depends what you put on the negative amount and how it was processed. You needed to mark it to the inbound really, or manually set the cost. Once posted you would need to apply the credit to the invoice in transaction matching.

You should make sure that you have all the information as it is like your original line…ex: taxes, Misc charges. Before posting I think you can check the inquiry> totals