How to cancel line items on RMA-AX 2012

Hi All,

I have two line items on RMA.I received one line and I want to cancel the second line.Is there any way to cancel RMA at line level.

Hit remove in the lines section.

Thanks for you reply.

I dont want to remove the lines…I want to cancel the particular lines.

Why? You are either returning it or not. If they are scrapping it set the disposition code appropriately, otherwise remove it as it is not a return.

we dont have the option to cancel the line. As adam said you can manage with the disposition code. Infact you have another disposition code “Return” which is to return the items to the customer stating that they are in good condition. (Not that i tried)

In my case client is asked about to cancel the lines instead of remove/scrap.It seems customization is inevitable .

Have you asked them why and shown them how AX works?

Yes,I have shown all possibilities in AX but they want to track the cancelled RMA’s for their internal purpose.

Then it is a customization if they track lines that are cancelled, unless you can capture this in the database log and report on it (if you have tried)