How to call the Function in Dynamic NAV

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I am Narasimha.plz help me for the how to call the function .I was design the Form Vendor Master .I written the code in codeunit that function i want to call in Vendor form .plz help me nay body.and In codeunit call the function to OnRun events.

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you may need to slow down when writing, so it’s clear and understandable.

i assume you want to call a code unit from a form. a lot of easier if you use a menu, so you can call the code unit from Menu Items - Menu Designer - RunObject.

Codeunit_VariableName.FunctionName(); //TRY IT

Hi Narasima,

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Have a read of the Application Developers guide (w1w1adg.pdf in the “Doc” directory of the install DVD) for a good background is developing in Nav