How to Call Actions in Nav Role Center Pages?

Hi All,

I have a Typical Issue i.e we are in Upgradation From NAV 3.7 to NAV 2015 and my issue is i want to write Trigger Code in Role Center page but in nav 2015 Trigger does not allow any Code and Card pages so there is only option to write a Codeunit so for that one i created as below

In NAV 3.7:-

Action is Phy. Inventory Journal and in OnPush trigger code is


In NAV2015:-

I created a Codeunit and Call this Codeunit in RunObject property. Like this Actions i have a lot off , And for each actions i want to create Codeunits is it Compulsary or any Other solution is there.

Can any one suggest me please…

can see this above Image that is NAV3.7 RoleCenter it’s Like page only that’s why it allows trigger code but in nav 2015 we have seperate rolecenters our role centers doesn’t allow trigger code.

It would help if we could see the image. But it looks like you copied and pasted your own question for the community site. When you do this, then the image will not show correctly, as it is still only located on - not the Dynamics User Group’s site.

But what I can read from your post, is your customer trying to make NAV 2015 look and act like NAV 3.70?

Yes Erik…

this post is Copied from Microsoft Dynamics Nav Community forums but my customer is not trying to make NAV 2015 look and Act like Nav 3.70.

there is some customizations like actions should be called in Role center page here is some code i written in above post but our nav 2015 not allow tigger code so for that i Created a codeunit and call that codeunit in runobject it’s works fine, like that actions i have some more for every action i want to create codeunit or any other way can you please suggest me please…?

If they were trying to get NAV 2015 to look like 3.70, then they would not have been the first. But happy that’s not the case.

But still not really sure what your problem is!

You can add pages, reports, codeunits and xmlports, to the actions in your role centers. What else do you need?

One of the reasons why MS changed the logic in RTC to call the journal pages all over the system. If you want to open a journal from 3.70, then you should recode in the same way as MS did for 2009.


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Perhaps this will help, I had a similar issue when I wanted to refresh a role center page periodically. I then discovered that one cannot add code to a role center page…

So what I did was…

On one of my “sub” pages, I added in the Microsoft addin ping pong control, and from there I could execute the code I needed (Refresh)…