how to call a class and class methods into a form in ax 2012 ?


I want to call a class and class parm() methods to a form clicked() method…

please give me some Idea with some examples how to do it

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Soumya Ranjan

You can call form methods, but it’s risky. The problem is that forms are not types, therefore you can’t call methods in a type-safe manner and maintaining code without any compile-type control is error-prone. It’s much better to move the logic from the form to a class and call the class. If your form contains business logic that needs to be used from other places, it’s a clear indication that the logic doesn’t belong to any form. If you want to do it anyway, look at my blog post Dynamic method dispatch in X++.

I’m ignoring the fact that clicked() is a form control method, not a form method. If you have any business logic in clicked() method, please go and change it now.

Hi Martin,

I want to know how to call the class into a form after moving the codes from Form control method. And also want to how to call the class methods into the same form.

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soumya ranjan

Either I already answered your question, or I don’t understand it and you should try to explain it in more details.

So what’s the issue in calling a class method in form?

You need to declare the class and using that object you can call the class methods.



YourClassName yourClassName;