how to calculate profit in ax 2012.

how to calculate profit?

scenario:- I have form with Salesid field and one grid contaning item id ,costprice,unitprice,profit fields. So i want to calculate profit and if one salesid containing multiple itemid’s at that time also calculate total profit.

Please any one help on this scenario.


You can calculate profit by deducting cost price from sales price. You already have cost price and sales price. This can be done for all the lines.


Can AX determine the cost price automatically if we define the purchase price in the item price table.

Say if I want cost price = purchase price + 10% of the price price. Is this possible?

Dear Patrick,

i am not sure about this but yes you can define system in a way that your cost price will calculated with the given percentage and will define the sales price.

it mean purchase price + 10 % your profit will be your sell price.

thanks & Regards.