How to calculate Lead Time?

Hi all,

I want to know which parameters is used in calculation of Invoice date & Delivery Date on Sales order form?

How this interval of dates is to be calculated?

if you have any idea or related link please share here.

Thanks in Advance.

\Data Dictionary\Tables\CustInvoiceJour\Methods\initFromCustTable

Invoice date is current date.

Delivery date should be greater than or equel to invoice date.

this.InvoiceDate = systemdateget();

ok but how delivery date is calculated if it is not equal to invoice date??

delivery date we have to select manually…put the validation it should greater than that of invoice date…

Look at the AR parameters, you have ATP, you have sales lead time, so for example if you set the sales lead time to 5 it will add 5 days to the day you load the order. The sales lead time can be set by customer as well as globally.

Thanks Adam,

yes i found that, actually i wanted to know how to set this lead time and all stuffs related to it.

  • I found you can add this values from Sales Ledger | Parameters forms

-Also if item is BOM then its Operation time which can be added from Routs of that item. this time also used in this date calculation.