how to calculate check number in a form.

Hello Friends,

I have one table with two fields on click of button i can add the values into that table. I want to add new field into the table and then on click of button i want to generate a cheque number on the 3rd field i have added in the table. How can i do that ? In the form i have kept 2 edit textbox where i will give the starting cheque number and count is my another text box which will specify number of checks to be generated.

eg. cheque no is 1000 and count is 2

then in db i want 1001,1002,1003 as check number n rest other records the checknumber should be displayed as blank.

Next time when i give another parameters for cheque number and count then it should start after 1003 cheque number

use max() function to acheive this …

by using the max() u can get the maximum number in that . so u can start the number by add the number one(1) with the maximum number you get by use max().

write the code in the modified() of datasource