How to bypass user log in in SP 1?

Hi everyone!

I just want to ask if there is a possibility to bypass a security log in MS Dynamics SP1? The database is in my local but I forgot the password?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rose,

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If you are on SQL server you can bypass, in NATIVE DB nope .



Rose, if you’re using a version of the client that allows you to restore the database from within the client (definitely pre-2013), AND the backup file you’re restoring was created with that client backup utility (creating one or more .fbk files), then you might have a small window of opportunity to set/change the credentials on the restored backup. At the moment after the .fbk has been restored, you will have the chance to change credentials. If you close the client session before making those changes, the opportunity will have been lost, and you’ll need to repeat the restore process.

If, on the other hand, your source file for restoring the backup was created with SQL Server, then you’re home free. You can search the various posts for details, but the essential instruction deals with blanking records from key user-related tables. That will give you access to the database, but won’t remind you of what your forgotten password actually is.