How to bypass form validations

Hi friends,

I am writing some code on the table label and want to bypass form datasource validations , how to do this?

I tried with skipAOSvalidation , but not worked.



You should explain what you’re doing, because if you really worked on table level, there wouldn’t be any form involved.

AOS validation isn’t related to methods on form data sources.

HI Martin,

Thanks for the response!

Suppose i have form having Datasourse A and B

actually i am updating record from table B by writing code on the modifiedfield of table A. then i call the research() method for A to refresh the form.but at the time of research the change made by modifiedfield is affected.

So , i want that it dont affect .


Your design is not very wise. You’re updating table B while table A hasn’t been updated - it will be updated only when, and if, the user saves the record. That’s also why the changes disappears when you reread the record - it simply wasn’t written to database.

It seems that your problem isn’t related to any validation, therefore we should change thread title, right?