How to built Account Schedule using percentages??


How can I set up an account schedule where I will have folllowing infos: Espacially percentages

This Period % Last Year % Cumulative This Year % Cumul last year %

Operating Expenses

Selling Expenses 10000 22.22% 10000 9.52% 200000 42.55% 250000 43.10%

Personnal Expenses 15000 33.33% 50000 47.62% 150000 31.92% 160000 27.57%

Vehicule Expenses 20000 44.44% 45000 42.86% 120000 25.53% 170000 29.31%

Total Operating Expenses 45000 100% 105000 100% 470000 100% 580000 100%

If someone can show me the right formula to be able to show all percentages in each line of the account schedule, it will me help a lot.



please add a line to your Account Schedule BEFORE the Selling Expense Account with the same formula as you use for the “Total Operating Expenses”.
You need to set the “Totaling Type” to “Set Base For Percent”.

Then add your 8 lines in the column layout.
Set the “This Period” Column no. to “A”.
Set the “This Period %” column “Column Type” to Formula and enter A% into the formula field.

This will do what you need.

To get more detailed help you should press F1 when you focus the “Totaling Type” in the account schedule line and the “Column Type” in the column layout.
There it is pretty good explained what to do.

best regards