How to build X++ code using build scripts.

Hi There,

I have been trying to look up at many place but have not so far found out the way to compile the X++ code automatically using build scripts. I would really like to find out if -

there is a standalone X++ compiler thats available for building X++ code ?

If X++ code can be compiled without the need of Dynamics AX server installation ?

if X++ code can easily be automatically build using simple scripts like batch files ?

Any information in this area is greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

You didn’t look too carefully. See especially:

To your questions:

  • You can’t compile X++ without AX AOS and client. No standalone compiler is available.
  • You can the compilation by starting AX client with a special parameter (Ax32.exe -StartupCmd=CompileAll). Also see Powershell wrappers for that in the links above.