How to build multiple Query Range

Hi all,

how to build a Multiple Query Range … For eg… if i want to add Query range for From and todate we can add qbr.value(from,todate)…what i am asking is if i am want a Query range for another field like RollNo…How can i add these three value in query Range …(From,todate,RollNo)>???

You need to add multiple ranges as you did a where statement.

querybuildDataSource.addrange(fieldnum(yourtable, yourfield)).value(queryRange(fromDate, toDate));
querybuildDataSource.addrange(fieldnum(yourtable, yourfield)).value(RollNo);

In both Init and executeQuery()??

Do you want to add the ranges every time when the query executes, such as on every refresh? Probably not, because you would get more and more ranges (unless you somewhere add code to remove them). When you decide what behavior you want to get, it should be clear which method you need.

as say Martin better options is

1.-Declare two querybuildRanges on your class declaration method.
2.-On init method of your dataSource addRange “after super”

qbr = this.query().querybuildDataSource.addrange(fieldnum(yourtable, yourfield)).

3.-and on executeQuery method of your DS


so everytime executequery method called the query will change.