How to bring the historical information (postings) in NAV?

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I’m beginer ERP consultant. I know functionality of Navision very well, but till had no “interaction” with it in real project.
I have the following question: how to bring the historical information (postings) in NAV?.. if the company had 50,000 transactions(postings) up to date - it is not realistic to start entering all of them. With what to begin? What is your experience at this point?

Hi, most historical data can be brought into Navision, it depends on what you want to bring across. Data such as Customer Ledger Entries, Vendor Ledger Entries, GL Entries, Bank Entries can all be imported Via a DataPort into a GL Journal. You will need to workout which fields you need to define in the DataPort, and then format your historical data into a spreadsheet as per the DataPort, and bring it into a GL Journal. Run a Test Report to do an initial validation of the data, make any corrections and Post it. Paul

Thanks for help.
I have one more question: can I enter starting balance on accounts without posting(directly enter numbers on accounts)?


Hi, as David says…NEVER!! You enter opening balances via a GL Journal…Paul