How to begin creating a connection to a navision file database.

Hello All,

I was asked to create a small program for a client. If it were a mysql/sql database, this would be easy, but I am lost as to how to connect to the Navision databases.

I have installed the CODBC 3.70A driver, and attempted to create a connection, but cannot seem to do it. Ideally, I want to have the connection string in my .net code.

Is there any documentation on creating a connection string? I can use Odbc fine, I am just lost as to what needs to be done. Once the connection string is made and I get a good connection, i should be fine. I am trying to access the database at: \\nav370\data\database.fdb

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Btw, when I try to use the C/ODBC Setup in the ODBC Data Source Administrator, System DSN I get the error “The operating system cannot gain access to the file \\nav370\data\database.fdb…” I currently have the share setup to READ Only.

The ODBC connection needs to be made via the Navision Server. Just like a client workstation. Only the Navision Server service has direct access to the data file. See the N/ODBC manual.

Driver must have full control of database file.

Well, giving the share Full Control for my user fixed the problem.

I occasionally when testing the connection though, get an error that says “The operating system cannot load the DLL module dbm.DLL” when I hit okay, get out of the setup, adn go back in, it works fine. This is an intermittent issue… any suggestions?

Where can I find the documentation on creating a connection string?

If I’m not in mistake Navision ODBC driver is single threaded. You must avoid several connections at the same time.

Well, ive done further investigation on connecting using and i have failed miserably. The more research I do, the more I learn that it isnt an easy task to complete. Does anyone have an example for connecting to Version 3.70A? The ODBC connections I make, keep giving me an error of: The driver doesn’t support the version of ODBC behavior that the application requested

This error occurs whether I run through Visual Studio 2005, or use the ODBC connection manager built into Windows. I am using the CODBC 3.70A drivers so I atleast know the versions are matching… it would appear that the communication between CODBC and ODBC.NET is where the problem exists.

Also, is there any other option instead of CODBC?