How to batch invoice sales orders?

I want to batch invoice sales orders based off of a table with a 1:1 relationship to the salesTable. Where is the best place to modify the query and what is the best practice? Basically, Invoice all sales orders where status == delivered and myTable.Ready == Yes.

AR → Periodic → Sales update → invoice → select - and add your relation to the sales table…

I tried this and I get “1:N Fetch Mode is now allowed on Datasource having join condition with node other than its immediate parent”? I can’t figure out where to set 1:1 join mode?

I am running into the same issue. Did you resolve it? If Yes, how? Can you please share?

I can’t remember exactly. I think you have to put relationships on the EDT or something. Sorry I can’t be more help. I just had to screw around with it for a while.